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Just a dude from Oregon collecting and sharing great images of people, places, things, ideas and what ever else interests or entertains me at any given moment
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White flags stump New York police

Fucking Epic

So yesterday I was fly fishing this little stretch of the stainam river between mad creek and minto county park..there was this guy who ive only talked to a couple times but I know to be an experienced part time guide..which means his rod alone cost more than all of my equipment together….for more than an hour..we both had trouble dialing in on a successful fly pattern. .

so we watched each other from about 200 feet cast, try various flies and rigging…him with his 900 buck rod and 500 waders, and 150 buck wading staff and all his fancy gear…me with my 300 buck rod and reel combo ( I keep in my car) no waders, and just one small fly box with maybe 50 flies..

…so when I went back to the bank for a break, have a smoke, enjoy the view ..i started thinking about how this guy is the reason flyfishing as a sport is so ridiculously expensive and at times elitist. ..its stupid.
yes its cool to have all the nice gear..and I admit I do have one more rather expensive but heavier rod and a pair of waders I hardly use except in the winter…but for the most part I dont see the point…after all its supossed to be fun right? all you need is a rod and reel, a floating fly line, leader and a few flies to catch fish…to be outside away from people and find that Zen thay comes with a good cast, the water flowing around you, big skies, occasional wild life..and of course the strike of a fish….

So that in mind I got back to basics, a fresh leader, and an old school simple ass black and red woolly worm and simple over hand casting letting it drift from the current above me to below me…

The point? When I got simple, forgot about the guy down river and got back to the very basics of flyfishing. ..I caught fish(several wild and hatchery fish in short order) and when the guy I know to be an experienced guide with all the fancy gear who seems to have forgotten what the sport is really about asked me what pattern was hitting did I share? your fucking right I did…
Because I hope he remembers what the sport is about and that he returns the favor to some one down the line…..